Hard Money texas Land loans

Our Mission: is placing hard/private funds on land in metro areas in Texas and top 25 type cities outside Texas.


The property should have upside and our loan is used to bridge the time (6 months to 5 years) until the property can be sold as developed or refinanced with some construction loan or longer term loan. These are Bridge loans for debt and equity.

Sponsors should have short summary of transaction and a defined exit strategy. Loans for purchase, refinance, infrastrucuture development, more..


Do you have a well located property (currently owned or to be purchased)? and need equity? would you sell? pleaes inquire as we can arrange equity for projects. For equity the developer should be seasoned and have potential tenants. If not we can arrange a team to develop the project.



land use and loan purpose

raw land in Texas for future development

subdivisions (Texas and growing 1st and 2nd tier markets

commercial land development - Texas & other well located

equity and debt available on land to be developed